Children’s Book Review: Saints Like Me

Saints Like Me by Lisa Hendey is a sweet board book full of big truths made accessible for our little ones. Hendey uses phrases with which my children quickly agreed. For example, when I read, “We don’t have to be grown-ups to be saints.” My six-year-old son replied, “That’s totally true.” 

I love how the same phrases that resonate with children can also function as faith teaching tools for their parents. One of my favorites is: “God gave me a body to help others.” I can imagine using words like these from Saints Like Me as my children and I do the daily life of discipleship together.

Illustrated by Katie Broussard, Saints Like Me offers colorful and inviting images. My five-year-old daughter particularly loved the first and last images of the book: a family awaiting a new baby and the same family holding their newborn. 

Hendey and Broussard do holy work in a simple format. They put words and images to the written-into-our hearts-truths in a way that is accessible and attractive for children and parents. 

At a time of year when we get back into the schedule of school, daycare, or homeschool, this book can act as a reminder to keep the main thing the main thing: to snuggle up with our little ones and center our hearts on God together.

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