4 Tips for Eating Ethically on a Budget

It’s no secret that the economy and culture of the United States are driven by consumption. We are consumers of pretty much anything that’s put in front of us: clothing, food, home goods, media, and so on. Consuming is not inherently bad. But it can certainly be unhealthy if we buy into the narrative that if I have X or Y or Z, I will be more fulfilled than I am now


Unfortunately, this is exactly the narrative that our culture wants us to buy into. Which makes sense. After all, it’s a money-making narrative. But this narrative becomes dangerous for everyone when we lose sight of how we consume — and the ways, as a result, that goods and people become easily expendable, a means to an end. And that goes for food, too: Produce, animal products, and packaged goods — and the systems that bring these things to our tables — are being exploited for profit.


But the bright side is that, when it comes to food, many of us want to consume in a way that is ethical and life-giving for ourselves, the environment, and our communities. We know that how we spend our money at the grocery store or farmers’ market can have a real impact on the lives of people and the planet we call home. And we don’t want to take the $72 billion diet industry’s word on how to shop anymore. 


So, how do we buy products that are good for us and responsibly sourced, without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas.


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