Peanut Butter Waffles and Jesus

Since I sometimes leave for work before our children wake up to the day, slow family weekend mornings are to me like my first cup of coffee. Revitalizing, full of joy, and good for the soul.

Those closest to me know that I am a person of routine. Sometimes this needs shaking up, but some habits have become real keys to health and peace in my life. One of these habits is prayer in the morning. Starting my day with a few minutes of yoga and then prayer is as important as that first blessed cup of coffee. So, on weekend family mornings, I try to share that with our children (the prayer, not the coffee).

This can look like Thomas reading one of his “Jesus books” next to me while I journal. Other times it looks like listening to “story and song” (Pray as You Go app) together. And still others it looks like asking our children if they have said “Good Morning!” to Jesus yet.

This morning, Ellie and I sat together at our hand-me-down kitchen table eating our peanut butter waffles, me drinking coffee and Ellie her milk.

We read I Know Jesus and then I asked, “Ellie, have you said “Good Morning” to Jesus yet?” Elizabeth stretched out her hand toward the place on our bar where we have a small standing crucifix. So, I brought Jesus over for her to give a kiss and set him down in front of her.

Elizabeth took a bite of her peanut butter waffle and then promptly put the waffle right up to Jesus’ mouth for him to take a bite. Thank God one of my professors in grad school once mentioned having peanut butter on the pages of his Bible!


I couldn’t help but think of Jesus from the cross, “I thirst” (Jn 19:28). And, it might be a stretch, but this little one answering his plea. Albeit with peanut butter waffle.

Where generosity and loving attentiveness become muscles that we have to exercise in adulthood, I witness in my children simple and earnest desire to answer the needs of others.

No wonder Jesus had the children come to him; they shared their peanut butter waffles.

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