As Open As Ellie

Maybe the idea of something being pure has gone out the window for you.

Or, maybe we are simpatico, and something being pure is beautiful and speaks of the goodness of God. Something being pure isn’t for the naive but for those brave enough to hope.

Even if you are like me, some weeks knock the wind out of us. When the world or people around us succumb to evils and sadnesses that are far from pure, good and true. When we have days or weeks or months that dispose us to distrust. When we hear temptation whisper, “This is just the way the world is, this is the way people are. This is reality.”

Is it though?

What is most real? Is it the way people fall? Or is the most real that which fills us with hope, love, joy and peace?

It’s funny (and also totally not surprising if you’ve read Scripture slash know anything about God) how God chooses to communicate.

If you’ve ever been to Mass with a toddler (or two), you can almost hear the theme music playing in the background as you put on your mom armor (Church backpack complete with Children’s Missal and goldfish) to gear up for battle. As I approached Church with my family this weekend, I was grateful to be there and also pleading with God, “If it’s possible please spare me from a my-children-yelling-in-Mass-and-me-receiving-the-evil-eye-situation.”

We landed in an open pew, and of course Ellie pops up to check out the surrounding families and see who is down for a game of peek-a-boo. As Ellie cruises down the pew, I turn around to make sure she stays upright, and I catch the most incredible sight.

Ellie had locked eyes with and had her hand outstretched toward a middle aged woman with some type of intellectual disability sitting in the pew behind us. And this woman was beaming at Ellie, waving, giddy with excitement.

In that moment, I was filled with such joy, such a feeling of home, of this is how it is supposed to be. A toddler and a woman with an intellectual disability, reaching out in openness toward each other, filled with joy at the sight of each other. This is Church. This is true community. This is what is most real.

The world will try to shut us down. Temptation whispers that sin and darkness are the winning reality. But to that I can say, “No.” Because I’ve seen the pure, the good, the true. And it fills me with more joy and love than I can describe. I’m not a toddler anymore, but I can sure pray to be as open as Ellie.


One thought on “As Open As Ellie

  1. Caitlan,

    This is so beautifully written with love, joy and truth. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. And Poppi thought your prose was from your heart as well as beautifully written.

    What a great way to start our day.

    Love, Poppi & Gramma Judy

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