A Different Experience of the Eucharist

Mass with a toddler is, as a mentor once said to me, “a different experience of the Eucharist.”

Despite the Missal for Toddlers, Bible coloring book, and Jesus Calling for Kids that fill our Mass backpack, our two year old sometimes becomes a different person when he walks through the doors of our Church.

This past Sunday, Thomas was feeling particularly filled with the spirit. Some things, like dancing to the music, I am good with and offer up as liturgical dance. Other things, like lifting up his shirt, and saying, “Mama, I want to pump” (true life of a nursing and working mother), make me want to cover Thomas’ mouth so that he stops talking as quickly as possible.

Somewhere between the dancing and Thomas’ professed desire to pump, I picked up our gangly son. And he laid his head on my shoulder. And he was still.

In what may have only lasted thirty seconds or one minute, his heart was laid over mine and there was calm. Jesus’ heart of peace and love was present.

A different experience of the Eucharist to be sure. Thank goodness for the Eucharist.

3 thoughts on “A Different Experience of the Eucharist

  1. Lovely reflection. For me, this last Sunday, I loved when I wished Thomas peace he said, “Nanny, your hands are soft”. Jesus filled my heart with that toddler moment.


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